Thursday, November 30, 2006

How many email addresses do you have?

I counted mine and came up with 8. How did this happen? I like simplicity. Having 8 addresses is not simple. Well, when Jim and I got married in 1998 we wanted a website, so we got We set up two email addresses at that domain: jim and chris. Then, when we set up our corporation: Guld Systems, Inc., we grabbed and made two new email addresses there. Then, we did work for a couple other companies and we both got email addresses at their domain. I set up a gmail account in order to use Google services, a Yahoo account for their services and a Microsoft passport account email. And now, we've come up with a new name for our current business ... Geeks on Tour. You guessed it,! I'm chris at Should I get rid of any of the others? Chris at is getting over 100 junkmails every day. They all go to my junkmail folder - so it's manageable. I like being chris at It's been part of my identity for 10 years and it's still my identity. Plenty of clients know me as chris at - that's what is displayed on the opening page of programs I wrote for them. How about I just swear to not make any more?


Anonymous said...

Jesus, you may not be aware of my intensely primative memory but don't go changing now. So long as the junk isn't terrible to manage then I say keep with what you got. If you want to make new websites then that's your doing don't make us memory deficient users pay for your virtual eccentricites (though I have to admit I kinda like them).

Gypsy John said...

WHAT--only 8 and you're complaining?

I solved my 22 with one simple swoop. Have 21 of them forward into ONE. Just be sure to set up a REPLY TO address for each one and then you'll be okay. These extra addresses come in real handy when you are "shopping" on-line and you want to keep that world at bay.