Saturday, June 09, 2007

Converting old photos to digital

We decided to clear out our storage unit here, toss some stuff and put the rest in Jim's Dad's garage. As we moved the photo albums, I thought I really should scan a lot of them so I can look at old photos once in a while. But, the thought of all the time and effort that scanning takes was overwhelming. Jim said, try taking photos of the photos. hmmm, you mean just stand the album up in a chair, take my digital camera and start shooting? Yeah. So I did. Wow! It was so easy. I didn't have to take the photos out of the album. Just focused on each individual picture and snap away. They didn't all come out great. I experimented with flash or no flash, daylight or indoors. Some came out dark and some had glare. But, if I really wanted a good one, I changed the angle or the lighting until it worked. It took only 10 minutes to go thru an entire album! Here's a couple samples: Our first trip together - California 1993 You know this one is old, Jim's son is now 23. Jim as Santa in 1993: I have even more old photos that I took as slides in the 70s when I lived in California. Sometime in the 80s I had 100 of them professionally converted to Kodak Photo CD. Yes, there were digital photos back then, but you had to have a Kodak Photo CD player to see them! I got out that old CD and put it in the computer, but nothing I had could read the .pcd format. I downloaded a great *free* photo editing program called IrfanView and it was able to convert the .pcd files to .jpg. If IrfanView can't convert it - it's not a photo file!


Anonymous said...

I've been scanning my photos and it is a pain. But I am getting the STUFF down to a managable size which is "all important" when you are full timing. I will try taking a photo of the photo thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Photo of a photo?!?! It is one of those things you think, "Why didn't I think of that?" Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I also tried this (taking a photo of a photo) when we attended a family reunion two years ago. They had a photo table set up in a meeting room and I was able to go along and snap pics of some great old family shots that I had never seen before. It was great!!!