Sunday, June 03, 2007

RV Body Wraps

We have a new neighbor: There are 5 people currently traveling and working out of this RV. I think a couple of them are actually sleeping in motels. Their job is to visit nice places in Florida and take video that will eventually be available on the website. hmmmm, sounds like a nice job! They call this kind of advertsing on vehicles a 'wrap'. I guess because it wraps around the entire vehicle. I like this one. Some of them are awfully gaudy, like the rental RV in the movie RV. Someday, I think our motorhome should be 'wrapped' with ''. What do you think? For more examples, see


Chris said...

That's cool looking stuff.
Now if I can find someone that will pay me to have it put on my car, hummm.

Anonymous said...

We had a rig parked next to us this past spring that was "wrapped" to advertise a new housing development being built on a golf was a bright green photo of the course - so we had a "golf course lot" right in the middle of an RV park and everything in our rig had a green cast for the duration from the glare. Management wasn't too happy, however, about the advertising and got lots of complaints from park residents, and said they would not be allowed to come back.

Anonymous said...

Terrific idea, Chris. What happens when you trade your current RV in for a new one?