Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Geeks are dragged into the iPod generation

Kind of embarassing to admit that we call ourselves geeks and we do not have an mp3 player - till now. I like music - sure - but it's not a major focus in my life (I like silence when I work) and I just didn't get the fascination with iPods and podcasts and downloading music. I can get all that on my computer - and I'm at my computer all the time! We've been walking every morning with Bill, the park manager here, and he has an iPod. He listens to music and therefore, sets a good pace for our walks. He has a cool attachment from Nike that reads wireless signals from a clip on his shoe. His iPod then records the time and number of steps. Shamed into compliance with the 21st century, Jim kept his eyes open for mp3 deals and found these cool mp3 players for $30 (after rebate.) Ok, I'll try it. These are also AM/FM radios - so the first day, we just listened to NPR as we walked. The second day, I downloaded a podcast from NPR. So, for my whole walk I listened to GeekSpeak! I'm in heaven! :-) By the third day, I wanted some upbeat music. So, I took my favorite CD of The Nylons, 'ripped' it into the computer, then copied the tracks to the mp3 player. Wow! It really does make the walk more fun. I'm skipping and snapping my fingers as I walk. And, Jim's happy because I'm not demanding that dreaded 'conversation' :-). Oh, and, if I have some great idea while we're walking - the mp3 player is also a voice recorder. Here's a closeup of the player: And, here's how it connects to the USB port. Then it's just like any USB drive and you can copy files from the computer to the player. It holds 1 Gigabyte. That will last me a while. I think I'm hooked.

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