Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do you want an iPhone?

The iPhones sure do look cool, but I just don't have a need for it. I used to love handheld computers - PDAs (personal digital assistants). If you depend on the information in your computer, you need it to be portable so it can go where you go. I used to have a PDA that fit in my pocket, these days my portable computer is 30 feet long and has wheels! We have a 3-computer network with it's own satellite Internet connection that goes wherever I go because it is my home and my office and my PDA. I kept my handheld for the first year on the road, but found that I just didn't use it at all - sold it in a yard sale in Quartzsite. I do find it so interesting that all this computing power is being merged into a cell phone tho. I'm sure I'll want one someday - my cell phone is indeed my one absolutely necessary portable device. I remember debating, back in the 90s, about the future of computing ... will the computer merge into the TV? or will the TV merge into the computer? Neither!! They both are merging into the cell phone! If you want to see the iPhone - take a look at this video from my favorite technology reviewer: David Pogue.

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