Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Greetings from Mississippi

Since I last wrote, we traveled from Dunnellon, FL to Dothan, AL and then to here, Tupelo, MS. Here's a map

We've been in each of these states before, and I already have a photo of the state signs. (see the album) So, I figured this time around I'd try video. hmmm - I don't know if 'll keep this up. It's extremely time consuming - about an hour of editing for every minute of finished video - then there's the bugs on the windshield and the bouncing around that makes the video itself not so good. Here' my efforts for our last 2 days - click the picture to go to the video:

Anyway, here we are at a lovely campground called Whitten Park. It's actually in Fulton, MS, but we're just east of Tupelo. It's an Army Corps of Engineers campground and we're paying $18/night.

We went for a beautiful walk this morning. Now it's time to go. The plan for today is to go thru Memphis and Little Rock, then up to Branson Missouri. We want to stay in a park there called America's Best Campground because we will be going to the RV-Dreams rally there next year and giving a special 'Camp Reboot' pre-rally . More about that in our next post from Branson.


Anonymous said...

Stick to photographs. Videos of interstate highways are about as interesting as watching paint dry.

But I LOVE your photos!


Chris said...

I don't know, I sort of like the videos from the road. Keep it up and you'll only get better at it.
Chris from Indiana