Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where have all the hubcaps gone!?

I think our hubcaps hate us. They keep running away. Last year, when we lost a hubcap, we stopped at Camping World and bought a set of 4. "That'll last us a while!", we said. Just 3 days on the road, and we're down to one hubcap left. Darn! We gotta plan a stop at Camping World now. We also lost a wine glass yesterday. I forgot to 'strap 'em in' during my stow and go procedures yesterday. Crash! Ooops. Hey! That means we get to plan a stop at a winery to replace it! Oh boy. This is our life and we love it. I'm sleeping better now that we're back on the road. This is 'normal' life to us. Staying in one place for several months was abnormal! Our plan was to make it into Branson, Missouri last night, but we were tired so we stopped a couple hours short of our goal. No problem, we're at home wherever we park. Besides, the park we wanted to stop at charges $41/night - ouch. We're in a nice little park in Clinton, Arkansas (no connection to Bill). Lots of grass and trees, 1200 ft elevation so it actually got a little cool at night. It's called Whispering Pines, at $18/night - can't beat it. Off to Missouri!

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Chris said...

I think I'd give up on having hubcaps I'll Bet they could make a big dent on a passing car.