Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Satellite Success

I guess if it wasn't hard, anyone could do it. Jim's middle name (in addition to 'reboot') is 'perserverence.' He keeps at it until it works. All day, half the night and with phone calls and emails to Motosat and the great folks at DatastormUsers.com (thanx Bill!) He's still getting an error message, and there's still a part due to arrive this morning. But, IT WORKS! ... and not a minute too soon! As I mentioned in an earlier post, our site is in the trees and we didn't even raise our dish because the Wi-Fi here is good, fast and free. Well, when I got up this morning and sat down to read my email, the Wi-Fi was down :-( Hey! No problem, I'll just jump on this other wireless network powered by the new satellite dish ... we know the password! Just another example of our belief that, "If you gotta have the Internet, you gotta have multiple methods to connect." Our multiple ways are 1. satellite, 2. Wi-Fi and 3. cell phone as modem. Today, another very popular method is Cellular Aircards. If money were not an issue, we'd have one of those too - just for the experience. We hear such great things about aircards these days that we wonder if they will overtake all other methods. I'll only believe it when I see it however. We have been in many places where our cell phone didn't work at all - an aircard would have the same problem. More cell towers are added all the time, but there are still 'black holes' for every provider. Our new satellite dish customer confirms this. He has aircards from both Sprint *and* Verizon and he still experiences lack of Internet often enough to justify purchasing the Datastorm. If you have an interest in satellite Internet, check out the Frequently Asked Questions on our website. Datastorm Rules!
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Anonymous said...

Reliable customer service is hard to find. I'm having hardware trouble with a computer of ours, and I just don't want to shell out half a paycheck to get it fixed, since I'm pretty sure it doesn't need new parts.

Congratulations on having a company that takes care of you! My computer manufacturer certainly doesn't.

Doug said...

I read the info on the data storm, i presume you are dealers....you mentioned on the web page that the monthly service was $79.95 . now where did i see the cost of equipment and installation.....did further research on a competitors web site and found a figure of $4,000 to $5,000.....did i miss something on your site....or were you just setting the hook.


Chris Guld said...

Thanks for your comment. All our information about the Satellite dish and installation (including pricing) can be found on our website at http://www.geeksontour.com/satellite.cfm