Friday, July 13, 2007

Route to Redmond

We'll be leaving Fort Lauderdale next Friday, July 20. We need to be in Redmond, Oregon by August 12 in order to present our seminars at the FMCA convention which starts August 13. We normally take the southerly route - I10. It seems more direct, there are lots of Thousand Trails parks along the way where we stay free because of our membership, and we usually stop and see our Coach Connect friends in Austin. BUT, Jim just made a Datastorm sale and we need to be in Springfield, Missouri to install it. SO - I went to Google maps, entered 'FROM Fort Lauderdale TO Redmond, Oregon'. Then, using the tip I just learned ... I dragged the line to Springfield, Missouri. This is what I get: Does that look like fun? We think so! By the way, if you want to learn all about the seminars we're presenting in Redmond, and lots more, sign up for our free Geeks on Tour newsletter.

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