Thursday, November 01, 2007

Practical Uses for Picasa Web Albums

One of the things I really like to do is private computer lessons. When someone wants to do something on their computer, but they don't know how, they can make an appointment with me. I sit beside them and guide them thru the process. It's great for them because they get to reach their goals with a minimum of time and frustration. It's great for me because I get to see more practical uses for the computer applications I teach.


Yesterday I had an appointment to visit Marty at his motorhome here in the park. He told me he had some property in Texas he wanted to sell and he wanted to set up a website for it. After talking it over, I decided he didn't really need a website - he just needed a place to showcase all the photos of the property. Then, he could advertise the property in any number of websites meant for that purpose and, in the advertisement, he could link to the photo album.


How to make the photo album on the web? Picasa of course! He already had Picasa on his computer, so I showed him how easy it is to select the photos and click the web album button to upload them to the Web. Now, not only does he have his 'website' for promoting the property, but he has an easy way to add more photos, add captions to the photos that are there, and let people view the location on a map, or even on Google Earth. He is in control. Check out his photo album.


He told me he had heard that Yahoo Real Estate was a good listing service, so we created an account and entered all the data. Then, for "Additional Property Detail" we linked to his Picasa Web Album. If you're interested in property on the Texas Gulf coast, here's the listing!
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