Friday, May 23, 2008


As I'm walking out of the Dentist office (yes, again!!) with a mouth that is both sore and numb at the same time, I get a call from Jim that he needs me to babysit.


'Come on', he says, 'you can do it. I need Devon to help me with the repairs on the Wi-Fi antenna mast.' In a daze, I repeat, 'Babysit?' I don't think I've performed that particular task since I was a teenager. And, I certainly have never given a thought to childproofing the motorhome! This was going to be a challenge. Don't I look challenged? These really are cute kids, and our loft is a perfect place. I put the movie 'Nemo' in and AJ kept lifting the screen trying to find where the movie was coming from. I was also pleasantly surprised that a motorhome is naturally child-resistant if not child-proof. Everything is attached, and they certainly can't wander off and get lost! They even helped by preparing a fine meal for Odie. All in all I guess I was successful. I took 2 kids, and I gave back 2 kids. Each in one piece with only minor mental trauma.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

It looks like to the kids were baby sitting you.....
Hope your teeth are doing better.