Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holiday Weekend

As fulltime RVers, we are accustomed to *not* planning anything on holiday weekends. It's best to hunker down and sit still. However, it promised to be a calm day on Saturday, so we took the opportunity to go diving! Since we're leaving next weekend, this would be our last chance in a while. It was a perfect day. It was even good enough to get Diane and Andy out!

As well as Mr. and Mrs. Commander Kayuba themselves, Dick and Geri.

We had a great dive. More photos on the web album ... just click on any photo here. that will take you to that photo on the web album, then you can click on the previous or next arrow to see more photos. Then we went to Jim's sister, Debbie's house in West Palm Beach for dinner. Her mother-in-law, Pauline is living with them now. She has alzheimer's. She doesn't remember us, Debbie tells us that Pauline doesn't remember where she is when she wakes up in the morning. But, she remembers how to play the piano! And, she's good too! Such is life.

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