Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yep, summer has arrived. 90 degrees in the shade and the air conditioner runs all the time just to keep me from sweating too profusely.

We invited a few friends over for a pool party yesterday. How nice. Hugs and laughter makes everything OK dontcha think?

This was the first time we got to see AJ, (Jim's grandson) in the pool. He was fearless! And, Devon was such an attentive Daddy.

It may be hot, but that made the pool extra fun, and our reward for the hot days is a wonderful, warm night. I love warm Florida nights! We were even in the pool after 9pm. As for my sleepless nights ... I'm still having a little trouble sleeping, but it's not from fear - it's from my mind thinking so hard about all the things I gotta get done. The first step in making things happen in our life is to get in the right frame of mind ... nothing can happen without that ... but, that's not enough. Next comes action.
"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs." - Vaclav Havel
Now, if only the computer would cooperate ... grrrrrr

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Chris said...

Go north young lady, it's 45 degrees here in northern Indiana....
There's no worry about sweating here that's for sure.

Chris said...

ahh - but, you see, I LIKE the heat! I much prefer sweat to shivering. And, the warm nights are worth the cost of the hot days. We do have that ocean breeze here though, which makes a big difference. I'm told that Iowa and Minnesota, where we'll be in July, are going to be *really* hot.

Keith and Kathy said...

We have read your sleepless post, and we feel your pain. We feel confident that you will triumph over your dark patch. You two have between you a tremendous talent, and the energy & entusiasm to exploit that talent. You are on the right track with your subscription paradigm. You have been giving too much away free.

Best of luck going forward.

Keith & Kathy

Maureen and Eric said...

Mark Twain said this: Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.

I just recently found your blog - you two are inspiring!

Wishing you the best,

Maureen & Eric