Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Speaking at Kiwanis Club

For something completely different! This morning, Jim and I spoke at a local Kiwanis club meeting. We didn't speak about computers. Instead of the 'Geek' part, we concentrated on the 'on Tour' part! We had a slide show with pictures showing the process of becoming full-time RVers. From selling our house and all our stuff, to learning about the RV, to campgrounds, rallies, and Natonial Parks. We had about 50 slides, and Jim and I took turns doing the narration.

It was a 20 minute talk and it was SO much FUN. People came up to us afterward and said that was the best presentation the club had ever had. We want to do more of that!

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1 comment:

Michael Lockridge said...

Wow! Pretty cool! I wonder how many future full-timers and serious part-timers you might have inspired?

Still very much enjoying your travels. I am just a year out from my retirement from corrections, and am trying to find that next career. Vicarious travel may still be my major travel experience, so thanks for sharing!