Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wordpress blogs

This blog is made using Blogger. I love Blogger, it is SOOO easy. It's Blogger that we teach in our seminar: Every RVer Needs a Blog! But, it's not the only blogging system. I've also had a Wordpress blog for a few years. I use it strictly for the geeky stuff we want to talk about - not the personal travel blog stuff. Notice the 'Geek Articles' in the left sidebar here. That comes from our Wordpress blog. It's NOT as easy! But it has a lot more capabilities. In addition to blog posts, you can also create static pages. It can actually be a complete website. And, it can be hosted on your own webhost, unlike Blogger where you have to use blogspot.com. There's always a lingering feeling of discomfort using a free hosting system! If you'd like to check out how Wordpress works, there is a free hosting option at Wordpress.COM. At Wordpress.com it is just as quick and simple to set up a new blog as it is at blogger. The big difference with Wordpress is that there is a private option. You can have the blogging system software installed on your own host. This is available at Wordpress.ORG. Confusing, I know - it's taken me a few years to figure it out! If you use a webhost like GoDaddy.com or Webhero.com or many others, you may see an option to have a Wordpress blog installed on your account. They're talking about the Wordpress.ORG stuff.
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Anonymous said...

I love self-hosted wordpress. I have installed plenty for others, and I run a few blogs using wordpress (the open source software wordpress.org not the wordpress.com blogging site). There are tons of plugins- themes, and all kinds of power tools that a self-hosted wordpress has that blogger has not developed. A self-hosted wordpress blog beats the pants off a blogger one for power and adaptability.
1. Some of the perks I enjoy with self-hosted wordpress blogs are : You are not giving your brand, page rank, and SEO power away to someone else (ie the folks at google/blogger) when you host your own sites.
2. You can use all kinds of plugins, and themes, site map tools or build your own goodies.
3. You can make custom themes, alter existing ones, or simply pick a theme from a huge archive of ones that people have made.

If you understand a little bit about basic web design and hosting, then a self-hosted wordpress rocks. It is not however a solution for someone new to the internet. Wordpress.com or Blogger would be a good start for that.

Anyway, happy travels,

Jerry and Suzy said...

Thanks, guys, for pointing out an option, one that we are not interested in at this point, anyway. We are quite happy with our blogger, and haven't yet learned to use all the stuff IT has, much less do we need more.

But, we're glad to see you're working with Nick on updating his blog. It will be much easier for us who follow!

Keep up the good work.

Jerry and Suzy LeRoy