Monday, January 05, 2009

RVing in Mexico

This is something I really want to do (travel in our RV throughout Mexico). My very first RV trip, in 1962 -when I was 10 years old, was when my parents packed up a truck camper and traveled from Alaska (where we lived), all the way thru Mexico and into Guatemala. I'm sure that trip has a lot to do with my wanderlust today.

So far in Jim's and my RV travels, we've spent winter months in Florida, Arizona, Texas and a little in California - the only thing left is Mexico! I'm prompted to write about this because Nick Russell, in his blog today, writes his opinion that travel in Mexico is not for him. He cites tales of violence and travel alerts. I read Nick's blog religiously - his writing is wonderful and he's always talking about the RV lifestyle. I just want him to be wrong on this one!

Another RVing friend of ours, George, has spent several of the last winters in Mexico. I love following his blog, and the pictures of his campsites are mouthwatering!

In this post, George speaks of how he loves his RV lifestyle and being in Mexico.

What do you think? Leave us a comment.

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Joy and Phil said...

Chris and Jim,
I too am a fan of George and have been reading his blog since day one. We have met up with him, shared some meals and he even spent the night across the street from us once in WA. I LOVE George. We all (he, Phil and I) share the same birthday so what's not to love.
That said, he scares me with his totaly open heart and total trust. Obviously, he does not read the newspapers or watch TV so is probably not aware of the drug lord violence going on at or near all the border towns. The practice of kidnapping Americans has become so lucrative they say you do not need to be rich any more to be at risk.
We wanted to visit Mexico as well and had friends who went down in a caravan every year--that would have been fun. Alas, that group broke up so we lost those options. I think it would be safe to travel in a group but I would never (at least at this time) go down alone and I fear for George every day.
Sorry this is so long but you asked how others felt. This is my two cents worth.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

I follow both blogs also and think they George and Nick are in far different situations. They have different lifestyles, RVs and motivations.

Both are probably right. But I am more inclined to give Mexico a chance (hopefully) and see it first hand.


Chris said...

Don't you long to be back in Alaska?
I'd think a person from Alaska would always long to be there?

Jerry and Suzy said...

Hi, Chris! We're with Nick on this one. We did take three caravan trips into Mexico, but not very far in. One was to Puerto Penasco, one to San Felipe and the third to Kino Bay.

We have read George a few times and he is certainly a star in his own world. If he's happy, we'll be happy for him, but at a distance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I too am a big fan of both Nick and George! My wife and I close on our Ohio house Jan 20 and can't wait to FT. Oh, how I've longed to travel in Mexico but now I'm becoming a little hesitant. Hopefully by next winter things will have improved and one will be able to travel safely.
Thanks for a wonderful blog!
Be safe
Paul Weaver

Larry Vanstone said...

Hi Chris
We would vote for George on this one. We and all the RVers around us love Mexico. We are currently south of Playa Del Carmen A few years ago did the Baja. We look forward to our next trip down the west coast. The Mexican's are fine folk! Their country is beautiful and the weather absolutely wonderful.

Doug & JoAnn said...

We love the comments like Nick's. Scare stories keep people out of Mexico and it stays fresh and untouched for us.

Doug Dubrouillet

Keith and Kathy said...

This is just one man's opinion. I too follow Nick's Blog, and have read his post (rant) about the danger of traveling in Mexico.

I think he is spot on. Nine people out of 10, or even 99 of 100, travel in Mexico with no problem; but if you do have a problem that would be trivial in the US or Canada, such as a fender bender, you could be in very deep trouble in Mexico.

I also am concerned about the increasing reports of drug violence near the border, even in the US. That's why we are parked in Rockport, TX instead of further south in the valley, with the rest of the snowbirds.

I, for one, don't wish to take the risk of traveling in Mexico, when there are so many breathtaking places to RV north of the border.

paulsharol said...

1962 wnet from Dawson Creek CAnada to Mesico not in a RV but a convertible lots of things to see would like to go again