Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Escapees (SKP) is the name of a club of people who have 'escaped' the conventional lifestyle in favor of adventure by RV. Many people in this club are full-time RVers. We've known it was a group we should belong to, but we didn't get around to joining until just a few months ago. So, when we got notice that there was a Florida chapter meeting for a rally right here by Fort Lauderdale, we wanted to go. It just didn't work out for us to participate in the rally. The rally started on Monday and goes thru Friday, and Jim has office hours Wed-Thu-Fri, so we just went to happy hour on Monday. As it turned out, it was kind of an old home week! Cliff and Marie were the first people we saw ... and they've been parked right across the street from us at Paradise Island all winter. Then there was the hostess .. Sue Spahn. We looked at each other and went thru a kind of 20 questions until we figured out that we knew each other from involvement in computer education here in Fort Lauderdale back in the 80s! It was a fun evening. Escapees are well-known for their happy hour get togethers! We are also planning on going to their national rally - the Escapades - in June (oops, make that May) in Missouri. We should be presenting a few of our seminars there.
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Anonymous said...

You say you are going to the Escapees Escapade in June.
It is May 24.

John Gezel
Frequent Reader

Chris Guld said...

Oops - you're absolutely right ... I knew that :-) It's on our calendar for May 23 - 29. See you there?

Jerry and Suzy said...

Chris, good for you for joining us SKPs! We can't get to Escapade this year, but we'll follow your blog and watch your fun.

C'mon out to Benson, AZ and stay a while here at the SKP Co-op!

Anonymous said...

Yes we will be there. We are looking forward to meeting you two.

John Gezel
Frequent Reader & Escapee's Member