Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

I always long for adventure and travel. I just can't imagine a better lifestyle that living in an RV, traveling the highways of this huge country, and never knowing what tomorrow may bring. As we have been settled in one spot for a few months, I start to feel that life is bland. I tell Jim that we're boring, it's been so long since we've traveled.
Then I look at the Blog. Thank heaven for the blog and our pictures to remind me of our wonderful life! I mean, how many people do you know that have been in more than 20 states this year? And, not by plane and hotel. We *lived* in 20+ different states.
I find myself lamenting that we aren't doing the kind of sales of our Tutorial Videos that I think we should, then I realize that we only first developed our Tutorial Video DVDs in January of this year. It was at the Pomona FMCA rally that we confirmed that people liked our tutorials enough to pay for them! That seems like so long ago - but it was just in late February of this year. Then, this summer we had a real 'Tour' of several RV Rallies where we did our seminars and sold our tutorials. We finally visited New England - something that was on our list since our first year on the road. We saw Niagara Falls - a place I had never been. We filled in our map of visited states - all except North Dakota! Gotta leave something left to do! Then, we've finished the year by being here in South Florida - without a doubt the best weather in the country - and surrounded by so many family and wonderful old friends. We have really had it *all* this year. Life just doesn't get much better. This will be hard year to beat! But, we're going to try in 2009! Here's our 2008 in pictures - unfortunately, the quality suffers in the upload and formatting process. It was just a few clicks to create this slideshow movie using Picasa 3. It automatically makes the pictures play in the exact length of time it takes for the music to play. I just could not cut down the pictures to less than 156! So, it has to flip them pretty fast to fit the 2.5 minute song. I chose the 'I'm into something good.' song from Herman's Hermits after seeing them live in concert at the Pomona FMCA convention. We kind of adopted this as our theme song :-)

 For our members who want to learn how to do movies like this with Picasa - there is a tutorial video on the Picasa page. It's called "Make a Movie from Photos."
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Leno said...

Happy New Year Chris and Jim. You certainly have had an exciting year, presented in your slide show. We met at the RV-Dreams rally. I sure do enjoy your posts, pictures and tutorials. Hopefully we will meet up with you on the road some day.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Neat movie! I'll have to try that one of these days. We've never downloaded music, so that will be new too!

Happy New Year! Keep coming up with more new ideas for us!

Joy and Phil said...

If this is a duplicate I apologize. I tried to leave this comment once before and it went to la-la-land (I think)... Anywhooooo

Nice review of 2008. We were pleased to see a picture of us included. We could not agree more with your opinion of this lifestyle. Our motto: It doesn't get any better than this!