Sunday, March 01, 2009

Geeks on Tour - a new level

In an RV park in Central Florida, a dozen or so people gathered together to learn something about their computers. This is the park's Computer Club, they meet once or twice a week. One person agrees to give a presentation, complete with handouts and a projected show. This computer club meeting is not that unusual. Lots of RV parks have computer clubs. The special thing about this particular meeting was the topic. People met to learn about the Computer Tutorial Videos available at! And we had nothing to do with it. One of our members, Roxie Marston, enjoys learning from our tutorials so much that she decided to share it with her club. Here's the blog post from the HTR Computer Club. HTR stands for Holiday Travel Resort. It's hard to express how that makes us feel ... but I can tell you it's a *good* feeling! Thanks Roxie! This reminds me that, one of our earliest students - and now a member; Barb Resnick, started a specific Picasa special interest group in her community's computer club. She says it was attending a Geeks on Tour Picasa seminar at an FMCA convention in 2006 that got her started. Now, I learn from her sometimes. Go Barb! Because of the Internet, we can have a business that we manage from anywhere, and that has customers (members) everywhere. Many of these members are, or become, friends as well. It just gives me chills every time I think about how extraordinary and wonderful that is. We even have members in England and several in Australia! ooooohhh ... RVing around Australia - now that's a goal!
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