Tuesday, April 07, 2009

White Sand Photo Op

Oh boy – we got a day to play tourist!  We left Carlsbad and traveled over the Sacramento mountains to Alamogordo.  The top of the pass was at 8600 ft elevation.  Then it came down to about 4,000 in less than 16 miles!  Quite a grade.


Map picture


Also quite a view. That white area you see down in the lowland area is White Sands National Monument. 


Let’s go take a closer look!



No - that's not snow. It's gypsum sand.



Sure is pretty though!




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Leno said...

Love it...That is a must see some day. Thanks for sharing..

Nick Russell said...

We've visited White Sands, and it is really an awesome sight! When I showed a friend a picture of it, he asked where we found all that snow.