Saturday, April 04, 2009

Wind and Dust Storms

We scheduled a visit at a KOA park in Carlsbad, NM for Saturday.  So we had to make some good time going across Texas.  Jim drove 400 miles and I had the computer on my lap most of the way. 


We stayed at the Escapees park in Pecos, TX.


We made it to Carlsbad in plenty of time. The last 5 miles Jim had to wrestle with the steering wheel to counteract the wind.  We got parked and sat in the motorhome with the wind pounding us.  I heard various numbers … indluding gusts up to 60mph.  Hurricane strength is 74 – but I swear that what we felt today was like Hurricane Katrina in Fort Lauderdale.  Gee – this is the second time in the last 10 days I’ve compared current weather to a hurricane … yuk.


Our seminar went well, and the wind is quieting down now.  It sure is amazing how just hearing and feeling the wind can mentally and physically wear you out.

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Paula and Tom said...

You guys are just behind us. We left Pecos on Friday and we're now at The Ranch.