Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Settling in for the Winter

We are in our ‘Home’ park of Paradise Island RV Park in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  It was only a few blocks from here where we used to live in a house.  We sold that in 2003.  We’ve spent a few winters in Arizona / Texas / S California, but we always come back to South Florida sometime during the year.  Jim work-camps here in the office on Wed/Thu/Fri, handling phone calls and RV-site reservations on the RV Trip Setter software … a great job for him!  And, it gives me the RV to myself :-) … or the car to go visit my Mom.

Since we know we’re going to be here for several months (till March), we contracted with AT&T to activate a DSL line to our site for $20/mo.  OH BOY!! Real Internet.  Fast.  Unlimited. We are going to be so spoiled by the time we leave for next summer.  In addition to enjoying the dependable speed when working on our websites, we are now watching Netflix movies using the Internet connection thru the Wii – so it’s all hooked up to display on our big screen and play the sound thru our Bose surround sound. 

I went to my Women’s Executive Club luncheon today and we went to our Kayuba dive club meeting last night.  Pretty soon it will start getting wintry/windy here so we are taking advantage of the still summer-like days to go Kayak Diving.



We have a lot of work to do on our websites, and I need to get busy and record some more tutorial videos.  During the summer, when we’re spending so much time presenting at rallies and traveling, we don’t post many new videos on our website for our members.  Now that the summer tour is over (and we  have a lot of new members) it’s time to buckle down and produce some more videos.  After all, a lot has happened in the Picasa / Blogger / Windows 7 / Facebook / Streets and Trips world.  Not to mention Internet connections and Droids!  We started using new Membership site software (Wishlist Member) in August as well and we have a lot to learn about setting it up so that it is easy for us to create new content, and easy for members to watch the videos and use the Forum.  The hardest part has been the transition from the old to the new.  There are some things I really preferred about our old system – but the new one has a lot more options that we want to use.  Jim and I have signed up to attend a conference in Las Vegas December 3-5, where we hope to learn a lot about using Wishlist Member.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s all good exciting stuff.  And, what a great way to make a living – doing what you love (teaching computers) from wherever you love to be!


Karen and Al said...

Have fun on your diving trip. We just may have to get down there and go kayak diving with you :)

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

About time you "slowed down" and "relaxed"! ;c)

You're going to get so much rest you'll need to get back on the tour and get some sleep.

Can you make a video on where one can find as much energy as you have?

Mark and Dortha said...

Have fun while the summer like days linger on.

We look forward to all the new lessons, tips, and tricks that you work so hard on just to help us learn. Can't wait!

Barb said...

I didn't know you guys were "Geeks on Tour." I've read about you in lots of blogs, and follow your 2 Taking a 5th blog, but didn't know they were written by the same people. Boy you are right, what a perfect way to make a living! I'll follow this blog, too. Maybe I can learn something. :)

Chris Guld said...

Hey 'Me and My Dog'
Just a little confusion ... 2 taking a fifth are Donna and Stu, Geeks on Tour are Jim and Chris.
Glad you like the blogs.