Monday, October 25, 2010

Shiny Fingernails

I obviously don’t have much to write about these days.  Sad smile
We’re parked in Fort Lauderdale.  I see my Mom nearly every day.  Jim is working in the office.  We both spend hours answering emails and managing our family of websites every day.

But, here’s the thing … I keep staring at my shiny fingernails!  And feeling how smooth they are.

I took my Mom to the mall the other day, she bought a new pair of shoes and we had a nice lunch at Seasons 52 – yum!  While we walked the mall one of the vendors in a kiosk approached me and said, “let me see your fingernails”  Oh NO … my fingernails are disgusting – I don’t show them, I hide them.  If you looked at my fingernails, you would figure I must work as a gardener – they’re dirty and broken.  Once a year (approximately) I file them down a bit whether they need it or not!  The last time I got my nails ‘done’ was for my wedding 13 years ago!

He wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer … very annoying!  But I relented.  He grabbed my hand and started rubbing a fingernail with a special little block.  One side of the block had a blue material – he said ‘Buff your nail with this side for 15 seconds.’  Then he turned the block to the red side and buffed for another 15 seconds.  The third side was white, he said it was silk.  After 15 seconds buffing with this side, my fingernail came out smooth – ridge-free and SHINY.  I mean really shiny … like I had just polished them with clear nail polish!  He went on to demonstrate the cuticle cream etc.  The kit was $20.

I bought 2. I spent less than  10 minutes using each side of the block to buff all 10 fingernails.  It’s magic!  I’m simply fascinated with my smooth, shiny fingernails.

The second one should make a good Christmas present


Michael Lockridge said...

Wow! The vendor I got started at $129 for the kit. He was down to $59 when I left. Too bad he didn't start at $20. I would have bought a kit for my wife.

I don't think I look prosperous. I know I am not.

Karen and Al said...

You can buy those buffers at Walmart too. I like them real well too, they make your nails so smooth and shiny.

Kathy said...

Who knew one little buffer could do so much? Hope that second one has my name of it! LOL Blessings, K