Sunday, November 28, 2010

Morikami Gardens

Mom and I went to Morikami gardens – a park in Delray Beach, Florida.  It is just the best place to go to find some peace amidst beauty.  Mom introduced me to this place many years ago, and we have been there several times since.  This time she said, “Have I been here before?”
She loved it.  So did I.  I made a little video with all the pictures I took:


Janis M Thomas said...

Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed the video.

Tom and Leah Van de Bussche said...

Chris and Jim, I know the emotional roller coaster you have been on. My wife and I had to go through the same precess with her father several years ago. You would be exhausted mentialy and physically if you tried to care for her yourself and still operate your business. Just remember that you are doing everything for your mother with love to make certain she is in the best situation possible for her safety, health and care. It is a very sad time when our roles are reversed with our parents, but look at it as a time to repay all the years that they looked after us.