Friday, November 05, 2010

Rally Park at Lazydays

Lazydays is one of the largest RV dealers in the country – I believe THE largest – and they have a great RV park attached.  It’s called Rally park.  Our very first rally we ever attended was here … in October of 2003 – the Datastorm rally.  And, we’ve been to a few others since.  We’re excited to be here to do our seminars as part of a Lazydays Friends and Family rally.  It’s a very nice park.

We taught our Google Earth seminar yesterday, and Picasa today.  We had a nice crowd.

Here’s Raquel – our contact at Lazydays for this rally:

Lazydays also has a page on Facebook, and they posted a video that includes us.  Check it out: Video of Lazydays Friends and Family rally.

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Kathy and Robert said...

Cool! Wish I could have been to perfect my Picasa skills... Blessings, K