Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friends, Genealogy, and more Geeks on Tour Seminars

Our next, and last, gig for this 3 week tour was a one-day workshop at The Great Outdoors.  It was arranged by our RVing friends Connie and Peter Bradish.  It was sponsored by the Genealogical Society of North Brevard County.  We had a mixture of RVers and genealogists, and some both.

Connie and Peter arranged for us to stay in the RV 'port' of friends on their street.  All these houses with RV ports makes you feel like you're in some version of Gulliver's travels where things like garages and carports have grown to giant size.

This is real Florida with gators in the waterways, deer, raccoons, and occasional panthers in the woods.  Sure is pretty with early morning light.

We met Peter and Connie years ago at our first FMCA convention.  Peter is part of the FMCA's computer club called Bits and Bytes.  Of course, being RVers, we've seen them many times since then at rallies from the West coast in Oregon or California, to the East in Georgia, and many places in between.  Through our blogs, and facebook, we've kept in touch.  We were thrilled when Connie asked us if we could present our computer seminars in her hometown of Titusville, Florida for an audience which included her fellow genealogists.
When we arrived on Friday, Connie and Peter treated us to a wonderful gourmet dinner at a local restaurant called Chef Larry's.  What a find!  Small and intimate, delightful taste treats with every bite, affordable, and even healthy!  Well, except for the decadent desserts anyway.  That was a dinner we'll remember for a while.
Jim, Chris, Peter, Connie, at Chef Larry's. 
Our seminars were scheduled for Saturday.  Connie and Peter made all the arrangements, all we  had to do was show up!  I thought it was a great day.
Elaine and Connie checking people in for the seminars.

We presented our normal seminars on Picasa, Blogger, and Google Earth.  Since some of the audience was from the genealogical society, we tried to show features of special interest to them, like the face recognition in Picasa.  For Google Earth, Jim took some information his sister has found about their grandfather and plotted his life from Europe to the US thru Ellis Island.  I think they especially liked the way he found a map of the countries as the boundaries were in the late 1800s and showed how to overlay that map onto Google Earth today.  At the end of the day, Connie showed how so many people in genealogy are using Picasa and Blogger.  It sure opened my eyes. 

Teaching Picasa at The Great Outdoors, lots of genealogists in the group.
 This was a great end to a wonderful, whirlwind, three week tour.  The most exciting part was that most of it was arranged by other people!  The first week at Holiday Travel Resort was arranged and promoted by our favorite fan, Roxie ... we keep threatening to give her a job as our agent!  The 3 days at Florida Grande was arranged by Sandy Gallup.  She attended some of our seminars at an FMCA convention in Minnesota a couple years ago.  Now that she is in charge of activities at Florida Grande, she wanted to bring us there.  We are now looking at going back and doing our hands-on boot camp for them. 

And, the group at TGO (The Great Outdoors) was possibly the most exciting yet - maybe it was because we were with them all day, but it sure seems like we heard more "Ooooohs" and "Aaaaaaahs" that day than any other time.  Or maybe it is that genealogists are more into computers?!  I think we've found a new audience for our education. Actually, Connie has been after us for quite a while to target genealogists ... now I see why!  Thanks for all your hard work Connie and Peter - it was great!

We sure like doing our seminars at RV parks in addition to the rallies!  If you're at an RV park with a group of folks interested in computers, and you're on our route - let us know and maybe we can make some seminars happen there!  We do need to make money at these events, but we can get very creative at how that can happen.  It's not the first time that we worked for food!  And, we're finding that a good percentage of our audiences want to buy our Books and DVDs as well.  This makes the cost to the facility minimal.

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Safari on the road said...

How exciting for you...I vote for the genealogists seminors. I'm a novise at google earth but that sounds very useful. Is there a method to use a township and range map as an overlay?

Hope to catch up with you again.