Friday, February 11, 2011

RVing Friends

A cool thing about RVing is that you run into friends all over the country. We met Al Hesselbart in Albuquerque a couple years ago, I think we were introduced by Nick Russell. Spent some time with him in Louisville, KY this year, and again in his hometown of Elkhart, Indiana where he gave us a tour of his RV Museum. We also saw him at the Tampa RV Supershow and learned that he was spending the winter in Bushnell, FL - we were in the same town, so we called him up.
We had a good time drinking beers and swapping lies.
Too bad we're not staying around here longer. Al told us of the fabulous music that happens at all the RV parks around here. 'Jam Sessions' where excellent musicians make the rounds of the local parks and entertain. We spoke with several folks who raved about the music. Even one guy who lives in Memphis and is very accustomed to the Tennesse/Nashville music scene, said the music jams around here are the best. Maybe next year! Good to see you Al!
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