Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Deja Vu

After a long day on the road - and over $35 in tolls - we're right back where we started from over 2 weeks ago!  Thousand Trails in Kenisee Lakes Ohio.  Then we're off tomorrow to stay a couple days at another Resorts of Distinction - Erie Islands.  Our membership expires at the end of August and we can't renew it because of some dispute between Thousand Trails and ROD - so we're trying to get whatever value we can in the time left.  There's a surprising number of ROD parks in this section of the country.

Then we're off to Madison, Wisconsin for the FMCA convention.  We're presenting 9 different seminars, plus 2 hands-on Picasa workshops ... our complete FMCA schedule is on our website.  And .. 2 of the seminars will be Webcast Live.  You can watch online for free, just go to this FMCA Seminar Webcast site.

And, here's our latest Gabbing with the Geeks.  See how Chris makes her laptop act like a desktop in her new office.  And see Jim's new toy ... hint: it's a little fruity!

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1 comment:

Fred said...

Hi guys,

I first saw you at the FMCA Sea Rally in Feb. You guys do an awesome job.

I also teach computer topics to RVers. I just thought I'd warn you that if you're making a movie with picasa on a 64bit win 7 computer it will lock up trying to add music. Can't wait for 3.9.