Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The Escapade is the rally for Escapees – an RV club that has been around quite a long time.  This is the third one we’ve attended.  It’s in Gillette, Wyoming at the Cam-Plex.  This is a new, wonderful facility.  So much better than when we have to give our seminars in the Cow Barn at a county fairgrounds!
We got here early to give our hands-on Computer Boot Camp class.  We called it Camp Reboot to distinguish it from the RV Boot Camp that is always part of the pre-rally learning going on at the Escapade.
Computer Boot Camp students doing an exercise
As Geeks on Tour, we like to concentrate on teaching things like managing your digital photos, making Blogs, and using Mapping software.  We call it teaching travelers how to Plan, Preserve, and Share their travels.  We actually shy away from teaching computer basics.  Believe it or not, that’s a lot harder to do in a classroom situation.  Every person is different in what they know or don’t know.  But, every once in a while, we offer our ‘Computer Boot Camp’ class where  we try to fill in the holes for people who learned computers on their own and don’t know the fundamentals.  Here at the Escapade, we had a full 12 hours – spread over three days to teach the class.  We had 14 computers, 20 people (couples shared a computer) and it went very well.  I wrote more details about it in our business/Geek Blog, see Escapade Camp Reboot.
Here’s our site … pretty special in that we have full hookups (including sewer) *and* 50amp electric.  That’s unheard of at a rally!
Ok, time to go and teach our ‘Every RVer Needs a Blog’ class.

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John and Kathy said...

Every time I attend one of your classes (3 now) or meet with you 2, I learn more stuff. Too Cool