Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Work Week in Upstate New York

When we left Apple Island on Lake Champlain in Vermont, we considered taking a Canadian route to get to our next destination of Wisconsin.  But, when we looked at our Streets and Trips map, we noticed that one of our membership parks (Bass Lake, Resorts of Distinction) was about a day's drive away and was on our route if we stayed on the American side.  Since a membership park means we can stay for no extra charge ... that sounded pretty good, we made reservations for a week and plotted our course:

Our Streets and Trips program shows us our membership parks in large icons.
Bass Lake is the park where we are, and it's very nice.  We took advantage of the restaurant/bar that is right across from our site .. how convenient!  And, good food too.  The portions were big enough that one dinner fed us for two days - so two dinners out, and we only had to cook 3 more to make it one week!
We were here to work on our websites, and to prepare for the upcoming FMCA convention in Madison, Wisconsin.  One of the things we accomplished was writing and sending our July newsletter - if you're not on the list, you can read the newsletter on our website.  There's some really good tips in it for computer tools that enhance the traveling lifestyle.

We have to take a couple of outings to see the area though!  Since we're right near Lake Ontario, we decided to take a drive one afternoon to the couple of State Parks nearby.
Selkirk Shores, a New York state park.
Be thankful that the picture isn't scratch-n-sniff!  There was quite a stench, I think caused by whatever that thick green muck was that was in the water lapping on the shore.  The beach was closed ... we were told it was due to budget cuts.

Our site at Bass Lake Resort - the restaurant/bar is in the red building.
It is really so pleasant right here at the resort, why go anywhere?  Over the weekend the park filled up with families - probably from Syracuse.  I love seeing the kids enjoy the outdoors and the carefree lifestyle that is afforded by these kinds of parks.  Lots of activities too - karaoke, dancing, bike riding, kayaking etc.  And parents get to let the kids roam free - without worries.  It's a private park, and any roads are far away.

I can't believe we've been here for 6 days already.  I've just had my nose in my computer - cleaning up websites (a never ending job), and writing articles.  Now that we have Facebook for posting small snippets more often, I find that I don't write blog posts as much.  All our pictures still get posted to our Picasa Web Albums though.  That's what's in the header bar of this blog - if you click where you see the bar of little pictures, that will take you to our Picasa Web Albums where you can view all the pictures.
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