Monday, August 08, 2011

Travels to Madison

Our goal was to get to Madison, Wisconsin for the FMCA convention.  I'm happy to say that we made it!  I can't say that the roads made it easy though.  On the map it looks good.  A nice American super highway - I90 - almost all the way thru Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, then Wisconsin.  But it wasn't so nice.  Here's a particularly un-nice stretch:

 Now, we've traveled here before, so we didn't expect much.  We knew that Chicago can be really tough, but we were there on a Sunday so we thought traffic would be light enough to take the direct route right thru the city.


It took over an hour to get thru downtown.  Then it started pouring rain.  Sunday was a tough travel day for me ... and I wasn't even driving!  But we finally made it, and we have a really nice site at the Lake Farm Park just a couple miles down the road from the convention.

We watched the cranes fly overhead this morning.

And took a walk down the path that is mowed thru the fields and woods.

Then came a steady stream of visitors - other folks who we see every time we're at an FMCA convention.  They're calling this convention a 'Family Reunion' and, yep, that's what it feels like!  Even Odie  had visitors.

And, we're just so happy to show off our new home to everyone.  We can be so much more social when we have places for people to sit!

Ok, now it's time to get some work done in preparation for the Rally!
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Seth Johnson said...

Man do those photos make me homesick for Wisconsin. Have a great time at the Rally--I can't be there, but I've pointed a few local friends your way!

Alicia said...

see ya at a seminar......looking forward to learning more.