Friday, February 10, 2012

My Problem with Nick Russell

For many of our readers, Nick Russell needs no introduction.  He is a writer and a fulltime RVer.  He writes a daily blog and it pisses me off!  Literally thousands of people read his blog every day (I know – I have access to his website Stats.)  And many more thousands have now bought his novel Big Lake and its sequel Big Lake Lynching

I only wrote in this blog twice in the entire month of January, Jim finally had to step in and write one post so we had something to show for our time on the planet last month!  I like to write about our travel adventures - and we’ve been parked in one place all winter.  I like to write about happy stuff - and I’ve been sad a lot this winter as I watch my Mom decline into Alzheimer’s.  

Having nothing to say never stops Nick!  I read Nick’s blog and he can spend several paragraphs writing about not washing his RV, and he has me laughing all the way.  How does he do that?!  His novels are real page-turners.  It’s been suggested that I might write a book about me and Mom – but I ‘m afraid it would just make people sad and I don’t want to do that.  Or worse yet, it would just be boring due to lack of writing skills. 

It’s been suggested that writers write – and that’s what blogs are for – an easy way to write all the time.  So I should write often, even if I don’t have anything I want to share.  If Nick had been in my shoes this month, he would have written every day and had the readers laughing, crying, and pondering life’s mysteries with each and every post. 

I could blame my lack of blog posts on being busy.  I’ve written posts on our Business Blog, and our Picasa Blog, and our Facebook page, I wrote our monthly newsletter, responded to customers’ questions in our forum, I’m writing an article for Highways magazine Smile and I’m constantly updating our website and several customers’ websites.  Hey – everybody’s busy … you and I both know that the reason I haven’t written is because I can’t write like Nick Russell. 

Damn you Nick!
(you know I love you…)

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

You write very well and I enjoy your blog. Miss it when you don't post, but it has to be hard to be upbeat in your personal blog while watching your mother decline.

John and Carol said...

You just showed us how well you write. And readers like to know about the happy times, the ho-hum times, the sad times. If they follow the blog, it means they want to know how you are, not just what you are doing.

You had me laughing at you being jealous of Nick.

Jim and Dee said...

I understand about Nick. I read his blog daily and he brings laughter to my morning readings.

We write daily and it's not easy. We understand why you don't write daily, it's ok, it's like living fulltime it's not for everyone. Write when you can, we're out here reading.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

I agree, you do write very well. And Nick is very talented and entertaining, which shows in his blogs and novels. I wish that I had just a pinch of your and Nick's talent in this area. Would make updating our blog much easier!!

Al Hesselbart said...

Chris - like Nick I havent looked at your blog in a while and just followed his lead to you. Havent seen you guys since Tampa and then I missed the big ugly one. Im trying to rewrite my book for e-readers but converting 75 photos to descriptive text is problematic.
Hope to cross paths at louisville, Indy, Celina or Goshen. Im leaving Florida on the 27th dammit but duty calls at the museum.