Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Week with Geeks

That’s the subject line I just used to send a notice to our Geeks on Tour newsletter list.  I’m promoting our Techno-Geek Learning Rally at the end of April.

I decided it was also a good title for a blog post, since it’s been a week since I’ve written in here.  It’s been a pretty typical week of being parked in Fort Lauderdale.  Last weekend, I kept my nose to the grindstone to update our Geeks on Tour ‘Show Me How’ DVD.  In essence, it is our entire website on a DVD – about 220 video lessons on all the topics we offer.  The updated version now includes the latest videos on Blogger, Picasa 3.9, and Smartphones.  It also includes our two books – PIcasa 3.9 and Windows 7 Boot Camp. See the opening screen of the DVD below, and you can click to enlarge. That DVD is the main thing we sell at Rallies and Events. 


We had two events scheduled on Monday for computer clubs … or at least we thought we had two.  Turns out there was a miscommunication and we only had one.  And, nobody bought a DVD.  Oh well, I got it done anyway.

I’m still working on the website presence for my Women’s Executive Club and I got to introduce the new design to the club luncheon on Tuesday.


If you do any websites using Wordpress, you should look into I bought their most recent theme for the WEC website and I am very happy with it – particularly because of it’s automatic way of displaying on a smartphone or iPad.  I know there is a lot of ‘under-the-hood’ programming that needs to be in place for a website to work well on a smartphone and I wasn’t willing to do that much work.  The fact that it’s all done for me automatically by using that particular theme is just so exciting!  It makes me look good. Yes, I really am a Geek!

Our friend, Jimmy Lyon came over for dinner one night and I had Jim snap a photo of our dining room / entertainment center which doubles as my office.  Computers with a good Internet connection these days are just the best – who needs a TV?  Here we are watching a TED talk on the Sunfish, aka Mola Mola, a wonderful lesson on our oceans for those of us who are very interested in these things.

Jimmy and Chris watching TED after dinner.

Jim worked in the office for his three days at the RV Park.  I took Mom to the Doctor one day, Jim took his Dad another.  When I picked mom up she asked “So where are we going?”  I told her, “To the memory Doctor.”  “Oh, I’d forgotten,“ she laughed!  It’s good to hear her laugh.

Now Jim is off to do some maintenance work for his Dad’s house (with Jimmy’s help) which is up for sale.  I, as usual, am sitting at my computer, but I have to admit to a guilty pleasure.  It’s not all work at the computer!  When Jim left he said, check with Netflix website and see if we have another movie ordered, because I’m returning the one we watched last night (Annie Hall, because I just read the book about Diane Keaton and her mother.)  So, as I was browsing I noticed a TV show called Commander in Chief which looked familiar, so I clicked on it just to see if it was indeed the TV show about a woman president.  Lo and behold, that single click actually started playing it.  I was hooked and spent the next 40 minutes watching the pilot of that TV show … ooohh it was good, too bad it got cancelled.  And it’s probably too bad that I’ve discovered it on Netflix. 

And I wonder where the time goes!?!

So that was this week in geek.  All in all not bad – but I prefer being on the road.

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