Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Out of Towners

Ever notice how it takes someone coming from out of town to get you to do those special things?  It's usually us that are the out-of-towners as we travel around, but this time we're the homebodies and our friend, Jimmy Lyon, from Long Beach Island, NJ is visiting for a couple weeks and he made Jim go out diving!

It has either been too rainy/cold or windy ... mostly windy, to go Kayak diving - so neither Jim or I have gone out since we've been here back in October!  But, Jimmy hits town and Jim goes with him on a boat dive - no questions asked!  The water is a little chilly for me now - 73 degrees - I belong to the 80degree club of scuba diving!  But I'll happily eat the lobster Jim caught!  Here's Jim and Jimmy taking a picture of the catch before dinner!

When I posted yesterday - I forgot the best logo-shirt of all.  Check out our little four-legged advertisement:

Tonight we're off to the Boca Raton Computer User Group to present our seminar called "Outsmarting your Smartphone."  If you're in the area - this meeting is open to the public.

Come Learn with Us!  
Techno-Geek Learning Rally in Bushnell Florida April 22-28

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Jean said...

Love the new logo and Odie looks great in his new shirt. Does he know he is the mascot!