Saturday, February 18, 2012


I guess it’s just a fancy word for lucky – but I like that word, Serendipity, and I feel it describes my life. 
It describes big things like the serendipity of Jim being the person who was assigned to support the computers I bought for my computer training company back in 1993.  That was really good luck!
More often I notice the little serendipities in my everyday life.  Today I got a notice that the forum plugin software I use for my Wordpress-based websites was officially updating to the latest version – 5.0.  I doubt that it sounds very exciting to anyone reading this, but I think it’s way cool!  We’ve been using Simple-Press Forum 4.x to run the forum on our business website for nearly two years.  It’s great software and I always believe in working with the latest versions – so when I decided to use Simple-Press on another website I manage (for Women’s Executive Club) I took a leap of faith and installed the Beta version of 5.0 (Beta means it’s still in the testing stage.)  I’ve been working with it for a month or so, getting it ready for the club to use.  I promised to present it at the Club’s luncheon meeting this Tuesday, but I was a little nervous rolling out a website feature to the group when it wasn’t yet out of testing.  Serendipity!  Version 5.0 will be official on Monday – my Presentation is on Tuesday.
Imagine if it had been the other way around!  What if I hadn’t taken the risk to use the Beta software when I set it up?  Then I would be presenting on Tuesday with version 4.x – software made obsolete the day before!  I like being lucky Smile
The word serendipity is a little more specialized than just ‘lucky’ – it means an unexpected pleasant surprise.  Wikipedia notes that the classic serendipity is looking for a needle in the haystack and coming away with the farmer’s daughter!  It was not unexpected that the software would become official – but I do consider it serendipity that the announcement comes the day before my presentation!
When I notice a lot of serendipities in my life I feel charmed.  How about you?  What serendipitous (? is that a word) events have happened in your life?
I had a really nice afternoon with Mom yesterday.  We started at Pirates Republic riverside restaurant.  Dee met us there and took this picture:

We were hoping to meet up with her brother, John, but he wasn’t feeling well.  We’ll do it again John!  Here’s the water taxi … our chariot cometh:

It was a perfectly gorgeous day for a ride on the water, sunny and warm, but not too hot.
The houses and boats along Fort Lauderdale’s waterways are quite a sight.  This little boat was pointed out to us as belonging to Steven Spielberg – they say he paid $200 million to build it.  I’ll bet it has a great movie theatre inside – whaddaya think?

When the water taxi made a stop near the beach at Bahia Mar, we got off and took a little walk on the sand.  Ahh – winter in Fort Lauderdale!

Then we got back in the water taxi and headed back up New River to the Pirate’s Republic where our car was.  One of the waitress ‘wenches’ offered for Mom to hold the Macaw … she wasn’t so sure!

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Next time we should do the Water Taxi shuffle in the daytime. Of course we could do it at night again, in addition.