Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flight to fort Lauderdale

We still had plenty of time before our next rally on Louisville, so I decided to make a quick trip to fort Lauderdale to visit mom.  She's doing fine and there's nothing really I needed to do - maybe I'm afraid she'll forget who I am if I don't visit often enough.
Anyway, we had a nice visit. She first greeted me no different than if I had been there the day before. And each day she she said goodbye with despair in her voice like she would never see me again, even though I told her I would be back the next day.
She seems genuinely content at this assisted living facility. And we had a very nice time visiting my dear friend Chris Lorber. Mom loved the royal poinciana tree. The flight both ways was uneventful and almost pleasant.  Everything worked out so well that I may even do this again.
Jim and Odie survived just fine ... But it was sure good to be back and get a good hug!
Mom Loves her trees!  This is a particularly nice ficus right on the property 
Automatic Panorama shot with my Droid Razr.  Spectacular Royal Poinciana in Chris' front yard.

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