Friday, June 08, 2012

Hanging out in Tennessee

We are Escapees members and we've stayed at the Raccoon valley park before. It's just north of Knoxville and on our way to Louisville where our next rally is.
The weather has been just perfect. Clear and sunshiny. In the 60s overnight and high of about 80 in the afternoon.  Hopefully we'll take at least one day before we leave to see Great Smoky Mountain Natl park.
We have a lot of website work to do as always, plus we're creating a couple new classes for this summer.

Has anyone else noticed how multitasking doesn't work? I started a new project a couple weeks ago and have been getting nowhere with it.  I finally put blinders on, closed email and Facebook, ignored Jim and Odie, put headphones on and got to work. Four days later I had my new online short course on picasa collages done.  I hope people like it. I uploaded one of the videos to YouTube for a free taste.  Doing business on the internet is an interesting dance of doing a lot of work for free in hopes of enticing enough people to pay a little to get the whole package.  It actually can work pretty well because the internet is such a big marketplace, but don't let anybody tell you that it's not a lot of work!
Right now i'm at the airport cuz I decided this is the only time during the summer that it would be convenient to go to fort Lauderdale and visit mom.

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