Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Record Setting Drive Today

And, we didn't even hit the road till 11am!  We said our goodbyes to Phil, Tracey, Ally, and all their wonderful family who were staying on for a while longer to be there for them.  They also were leaving today - from the campground where so much had happened over the last couple weeks.  We will probably return to this campground when we are in the Indianapolis area again later this summer.  The owners, Steve and Terry were so wonderful, and it really is a nice campground - check it out if you're in the area ... Timberline Campground.

Then we hit the road.  Destination - Long Beach Island, New Jersey - about 700 miles away.  We figure it will take us 2-3 days - we really don't have anything we want to see along the way, so we'll just drive till we get tired and sleep at a rest area, or a Walmart, or Truck stop.

We started in Indiana, then crossed into Ohio, West Virginia, and finally Pennsylvania:

It felt good to be on the road. I even took my turn at the wheel, driving a couple of hours - in three states! - while Jim rested.  Once we got on the Pennsylvania Turnpike - we figured that a Turnpike Service Area would be a good place to stop and sleep a bit.  We pulled into the Sideling Hill service plaza, and were distressed to find that all the Truck/RV parking spaces were Back-In spaces.  HUH!?  I've never seen that, they've all been pull-thru in every other rest area I've seen.  When you're towing a car behind an RV, backing into a parking space is NOT an option!  So, we kept going.

By the time (9:45) we finally found a parking spot at the Cumberland Valley rest area, we had traveled over 500 miles for the day!  Definitely a record.  Now we only have 200 miles tomorrow to reach our destination - Jimmy Lyon's driveway!  This is our favorite spot to park in the whole country.  We will be there for Jimmy's Corned Ham Party.  Then we'll stay thru the week of July 4.  Looking forward to it.

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JC said...

How come when I click on "Jimmy's Corned Ham Party", I get sent to a Pennsylvania Turnpike website?


Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Jim & Nanc said...

This was like a hometown travelog. Our stix & brix was only a mile off I-70 in Western PA.

Barbara and Ron said...

I'm from PA originally and have to admit that the PA turnpike is older than dirt. When it was built, RVs were tiny trailers or vans. They used to have dump stations at every rest area and they are long gone now. Sad.

Jan Mains said...

Used to live in West Virginia north of the bridge picture. It hasn't changed in the 20 since we left there. Hope they repaved the road since then.