Monday, June 04, 2012

Two Weeks at thousand trails

Our membership in thousand trails allows us to stay for two Weeks at a time, so that's what we did. I loved it. Enough time to get work done and still feel ok about taking a couple days to sightsee.
I told you how the Verizon service was pretty good here.  Did I tell you that I  upgraded my phone to a 4g Droid Razr last week? Oh boy, is it amazing, even in a 3g area.  I wrote a lot more about it on our website's forum - www.geeksontour.Tv/forum - in the Droid group. But then! Wonder of wonders! Last week Verizon flipped the switch and turned 4g on for this whole area.  Fast fast, fast.  Our Billing cycle, and the new 4g service started on June 1. By June 3 we had racked up over 6GB!  Like drinking from a fire hose.
Were back on the road today and headed to raccoon valley escapees park just north of Knoxville. Then I'll fly to ft Lauderdale for a few days to visit mom.

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