Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mark Twain, Elks, and Facebook

In between 'gigs' it's so cool when we find tourist attractions of interest. Jim researched our route from Essex Junction, Vermont to Trumbull, Connecticut and noticed Hartford Connecticut, the long time home of his hero, Mark Twain. He dug a little deeper and found that the Mark Twain home was a museum open to the public and had parking sufficient for RV s.  We put the address into the GPS and took off.

There was no real RV parking, but luckily there were 8 car spaces that we could park across.  Not since Hearst castle, have I been so impressed with a house. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. The best part is learning tidbits of the man's life - like the fact that the house didn't belong to him. It belonged to his wife, and she refused to sell it to pay his debts.  You GO girl! They moved to Europe where it was cheaper to live and he went on a world speaking tour, which got him out of debt and then some.  He was said to be the most recognized person on the planet in the late 1800s.

From Hartford, we headed south to mil for where we planned to park at the Elk's lodge. Some lodges have full RV parks, some just have a parking lot. This one had the smallest space we've seen yet. Jim had to parallel park! But, what they lacked in parking space, they more than made up in friendliness. The lodge has a bar where we went to check in. Everyone wanted to know our story and buy us drinks. It was great! And we really enjoyed getting to know some locals.

We also had a bit of trouble getting across the railroad tracks to where the lodge is! None of our low clearance GPS resources knew about all of these!

We were here to present our Facebook seminar to the Connecticut computer user group. We think it went great.  They even recorded it for a local TV station. That would be cool to get a copy of the tape. Thanks John Roy for inviting us!

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