Friday, August 02, 2013

Coast to Coast and Back Again

As much as I love the fulltime RVing lifestyle, I don't like leaving my Mom for so long.  We knew there would be a few weeks in July where we had no rallies and I planned to fly home for a visit.  And, so I did.  As beautiful as the Oregon coastline is, I still prefer the warm beaches of Florida.  To feel that warm ocean breeze is just wonderful.  I even went in the ocean for a quick swim.  I was disappointed that Mom would not join me - she used to be such a fish.

I was also supposed to take her to an oral surgeon to have a tooth extracted.  The night before the appointment she got sick and I was told to reschedule.  Darn!  This means it will need to wait till the end of October now.  I hope it doesn't cause her problems. I tried to make sure that everyone who takes care of her at the Assisted Living Facility was aware of the situation and would keep an extra eye on her.  I also have two friends who visit with her regularly.  I suppose I could always fly back again if necessary.  

The flight worked out great and only cost $720 including a week car rental (using Expedia.)  I was so glad I scored a window seat for the flight back to Portland.  Mount Hood was magnificent from the air.

Jim picked me up from the airport and we had a 1.5-2 hour drive back to the RV at Thousand Trails in Seaside.  While I was gone he received the part for our uncooperative slideout.  Today is the day it gets installed.  Keeping fingers crossed. 

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