Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vancouver Washington ... waiting for slide service ... might as well enjoy

While we were at the FMCA NW area rally in Albany, we got a call from the RV service place making an appointment for the following Thursday.  Great, we made reservations at a Thousand Trails park at the coast for Sunday - Tuesday, then the Elks lodge in Vancouver right near the service folks for Wednesday and Thursday.  Our hope was all would be fixed and we would be on our way to visit some spots in Washington state.

The Thursday appointment came and a different service guy than the one who visited us in Seaside arrived only to remove the motor and leave.  No word on Friday.  We extend our stay thru the weekend.  On Monday we get a cheerful call that the part has been ordered and it is due to arrive the following Tuesday!  yikes!  We have a Country Coach rally back in Albany on Wednesday.  Ok, so we could just drive the car down there.  But we have a seminar scheduled for the Golden Gate Computer Society just north of San Francisco on Monday.  They agree to overnight the part and install it on Wednesday.  That just means that Jim has to stay with the RV at the Elks lodge in Vancouver while I drive the car down to Albany and do our first seminar on my own.  No biggy.

My (Chris) favorite quote is "Blessed be the Flexible for they shall not get bent out of shape."  So, we relax.  Make use of the incredibly good 4G Verizon Internet service, and explore Portland and Vancouver a little.

Here's the RV parking at the Elks lodge, look closely toward the back and you'll see why we have such good Internet!

When I say 'explore Portland' I mean that we explored the shopping available!  There is an Apple store there as well as a Microsoft store ... these are candy stores for geeks.  We bought a new little iPad mini.  It now has a big brother at home because Lynne gave us her iMac and we gave her our old iPad.

We did go a little stir crazy one day and asked the Elks staff for a recommendation of where to go for a walk.  They pointed us to McMenimans right on the Columbia River with a 2 mile walking path ... it was great!

Of course a two mile walk works up a powerful thirst!  What a beautiful day and a perfect spot.

It may not be exactly what we had planned, but we had a nice time anyway while staying in the Portland area.

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