Monday, August 12, 2013

FMCA NW Area Rally in Albany, Oregon

The FMCA NW Area Rally was held in Albany, Oregon from August 8-11, 2013.  We’d never been here before.  It was a medium-size rally at 3-400 coaches.  Here’s our parking spot:

We had to use our generator if we wanted any power.  We’re actually starting to get pretty good at that. This time we had a device we needed to run all night long on the inverter, and the generator wouldn’t start the next morning.  Note to self: make sure to run the generator for at least a couple hours during the day if you’re going to use the inverter all night!  Jim charged the house batteries with the car, and all was well.  What we did have here was great internet!  Verizon 4G – so our phone hotspot worked great (the problem from the last post cleared up on its own.)  They also had pretty decent WiFi if we wanted to use that.

Here’s our booth we opened up the divider between ours and TechnoRV … we like teamwork!  The picture was taken during setup.

And here’s one of our seminars:

We taught 3 classes: Technology for Travelers (an overview of the devices and applications we use and recommend for travelers), Smartphone Overview, and Picasa & Picasa Web Albums for digital photos.  All of them packed the room, and since there were orders from the Fire Marshall to not allow standing room – lots of people were turned away.  They said they’d give us a bigger room next time!

They also need to give us more time!  1 hour is not enough.  We had to speed-talk to get thru even a fraction of our Picasa class.  But, we still made sure to make a collage during the class and upload it to a web album so they could all see it back at their computers and remember how easy it is to do with Picasa!

All these pictures were taken at the rally – including the sunset!

When we left the rally, we went to a Thousand Trails park on the Oregon Coast, called Whaler’s Rest.  There we ran into some other people, with the Lewis and Clark TT chapter of FMCA, who had been at the NW Area Rally in Albany, but had not gone to our seminars – so we presented one just for them, using the Lodge at Whaler’s Rest.  Here’s the collage from that evening!

Just one more rally to go … The Country Coach Family and Friends Rally – Aug 21-25, then we’re off to the SF Bay area to do a seminar for the Golden Gate Computer Society.  After that, we’re turning east.  We’ll visit a friend in Reno, then we’re making a quick cross-country run in order to attend Jim’s Dad’s memorial at Arlington on September 16.

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