Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sausalito, Bodega Bay, Napa Valley

The last week of August was full of new friends, old friends and California spas and wineries.  Does it get any better than that?  We had a great place to stay at the Petaluma Elks lodge in the center of all of it, so we kept extending our stay by one more day … till we were there a whole week.

After posting to the blog here that we were in Marin County, we got an email from folks we met earlier this year at the Colorado Springs rally.  We remember being intrigued back then when we learned that they live on a houseboat in Sausalito.  When they said, come on over for dinner, we thought for a split second and pulled the plug on the crock pot that we had cooking, grabbed a bottle of wine and went visiting!  After seeing their houseboat, we told Rusty and Tony that even we thought they were a little nuts to be thinking about leaving to do some extended RVing!  But, they’ve lived there for 30 years, and they won’t be selling it, just renting it out while they travel.  We hope to meet up with them on the road somewhere – maybe Florida this winter.  Here’s some photos of the houseboat:

Tony and Rusty at their houseboat in Sausalito

The view from their back deck

The living room … on the top floor of 3 floors!

The view from the kitchen


Kitchen at sunset time


Deck on second floor

Thanks for your hospitality Rusty and Tony!  We hope to see you in Florida this winter!

Next came a drive to the beach to visit our friends Melinda and Laird who were escaping the smoke from fires (they live just south of Reno.) They drove their truck camper down and parked at Wrights Beach.  We went from brand new friends of Rusty and Tony to seeing Melinda who has been a friend since around 1978!  They gave us an excuse to visit Bodega Bay – the scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

Does this bird look scary?

Here’s Melinda, Laird and Jim at the beach in the fog.

And, the next day, Melinda and I made a decadent rendezvous at her favorite California Spa, Osmosis.  Ooooooohhhhhh Aaaaaaaahhhhh Melinda loves going to spas and I am MORE than happy to go along!

After the spa, we didn’t say goodbye, just ‘see ya later’ because we plan to do a few days of driveway camping at their home in Nevada when we leave CA.

No trip to the San Francisco Bay Area is complete with visiting some wineries in Sonoma and Napa valleys!  So, we spent the last couple days of August doing just that!

We drove the car from Petaluma to Sonoma and found a delightful winery there called Kunde.

And, surprise,surprise, we liked some of the wine enough to buy some!

The road goes north and into the hills before turning east and then back south into Calistoga and thru the Napa Valley wine region.  It’s a beautiful drive.


Our favorite little Napa Winery is called Folie a Deux and we’ve always loved their logo.  It’s french for crazy for two. 

They’ve grown a LOT since I was there last and their most popular wine is called Menage a Trois.  They are now part of Napa Cellars and the combined organization was having a major party on Labor Day weekend.  We stopped and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


The next day, we moved to the Napa Elks lodge and got in an appointment for a mud bath in Calistoga.  Something everyone has to do at least once!


Napa Valley = vineyard, winery, vineyard, vineyard, winery, winery, vineyard, spa, vineyard, winery!

Believe it or not, we have lots more pictures.  Here’s the link to our Web Album for the month of August.  What a beautiful life we have!

And check out our August Newsletter from Geeks on Tour for the rest of the story!


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