Sunday, August 24, 2014

California Russian River

One of my favorite songs is Red Tail Hawk by Kate Wolf, but I know it by the refrain, “The Golden Rolling Hills of California.” I thought of it a lot during our drive this day.

Whenever there’s a Thousand Trails park anywhere near our route, that’s where we’ll go. We pay about $500 a year to be a member of Thousand Trails, then we stay at their parks without getting any money out of our pockets! So nice. It takes 25 nights’ stay then, to bring the cost to $20/night. Any more than that and we’re getting a really good deal.

We’ve never been to the Russian River TT before so it was a treat. It’s a very hilly park, not easy to drive the rig and get parked, but we did. In fact, the neighbors even applauded Jim’s parking job. He gives me all the credit for guiding him, but I know he could almost do it without me.  I think it’s all in getting the right approach – that’s the hard part. Then I just fine tune the position and tell him when to stop.
The park was old, and not very luxurious, but it was a quick walk down to the pretty riverside.

THE INTERNET WAS GOOD! We looked it up beforehand on our Coverage App, as well as looking at actual Cell Tower locations. Those indicated that it would be pretty good, but we still didn’t believe it. Thousand Trails parks are known for being in out of the way places with no good Internet connections. Check out these actual speedtest results from our site:
2014-08-29 17.08.56
This was very important to us because we’d like to stay till Sunday, and Sunday morning is our Internet Show, “What Does This Button Do?” We really need good Internet in order to do that show. And, we did! Here’s the whole show: Episode 9 video on Youtube, if you’re interested in learning about Smartphones and Tablets.

Oh yeah ... we felt the earthquake! This from WikiPedia: The 2014 South Napa earthquake occurred near American Canyon, California on August 24 at 3:20 a.m. local time, measuring at 6.0 on the moment magnitude
It woke us up, but we just rolled over and went back to sleet. An RV is a good home to have in an earthquake, it's very used to shaking!


Jan Mains said...

I never thought of an RV being the perfect spot to ride out an earthquake, but I'm sure ours has had a lot of practice, especially on the roads in the East.

Suzycue said...

Excellent point!