Thursday, August 28, 2014


What are we celebrating? So many things! First of all, when I woke up this day I just wanted to celebrate the fact that we had an empty day on our calendar! We've been working hard, and playing hard. That's been wonderful, but I really love blank days. As I woke up feeling in a celebratory mood, I just kept thinking about all the things we had to celebrate:

  • Good Health - especially since we've lost weight (Jim 70 lbs, me 20)
  • A really sweet little business - we're sharing our passion for learning personal technology. It's something that so many people want in today's world. We get to see customers/members/fans face to face at our seminars, but make our living primarily from our website - working in the quiet privacy of our home on our own schedule. We even have members in Australia and India. I think the Membership business model is the best way to have a business on the web. 
  • An adventurous lifestyle. We've been living on the road for 11 years now and still love every minute and every mile.
  • Being in love! Jim and I have always had a good partnership and it's only deepened over the years on the road. We both share the same dreams, and we're making each other's dreams come true.
  • A beautiful sunny day in California - a place that millions of people travel to for their vacations. For today at least, we're living here!
  • Money in the bank. Income from our business has increased over the years. Slow, but steady. We are now paying our way with what we earn. We still have to dip into savings for RV repairs and Scuba vacations, but we make enough to buy all our tech toys, and food, fuel, and campground fees. At the moment there is actually a surplus in the bank because nearly 100 new and renewing members paid us at the recent FMCA convention in Redmond, OR. 
  • I just don't see how life can be any better than this!
As I kept thinking about all the reasons to celebrate, I felt I was going to explode! OK, so what to do? Let me think ... we're in Sonoma County, California, second only to neighboring Napa County in the number of wineries. I took a look at a tourist map of wineries, and saw the perfect answer ... Korbel Champagne Cellars!


I love pictures, and I take a LOT of them. Almost all with my smartphone these days. I know it can also take video, (we teach this stuff!) but I rarely think to use the video. One thing I so love about Jim is that he thinks of these things - at the moment - not later on like I do!  DOH! Here's what he posted to his Facebook timeline on this day:

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