Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pismo Beach and Roadtreks

Next on the calendar was the Roadtrek rally in Pismo Beach. We only had a 12 mile drive from the San Luis Obispo Elks lodge to the Pismo Coast Village RV park where the rally was being held. The first thing we noticed was the fact that the RV park was right ON the beach! Well, you had to walk over a sand dune – and then there was a little lake to walk around before the actual beach, but all we had to do was walk a few sites down from our RV and there was the path to the ocean. GORGEOUS.

Map of Pismo and our RV site as seen by Google Earth
Just walk down that path and over a small dune, and this is what you'll see:

But if you take a picture of it with a camera that doesn't have the HDR setting, this is what you'll get:

I SO love the HDR setting on my Samsung Galaxy S5! As you can see from the 2 pictures above, it makes a world of difference. It's one of the things we teach in our "What Does This Button Do?" weekly webcasts. If you want to watch, here's the direct link to Episode 6 and the spot where we start the HDR demo.

My friend Melinda has a sister named Nancy. Nancy has a dream of selling her house and living in a motorhome (crazy idea isn't it?!) but she wants a small motorhome ... a Roadtrek! So, they arranged to stay at the same RV park for a couple of days at the beginning of the rally. What a treat for me!
Nancy and Melinda at Pismo Beach

Melinda and I have seen lots of sunsets together, but it's been a looooong time - here she is asking "What does this button Do?" :-)

We gave a couple of seminars for the rally, and arranged to help lots of folks one-on-one while we were there.

Taking pictures at sunset time - Pismo Beach

Roadtreks ready for Happy Hour
They assigned us the spot right next to the tent where all the activities were located. That was GREAT. Forget something for our seminar? I can go home and get it and be back literally in 2 minutes. We put out a sign up sheet for people to stop by for one-on-one help with smartphone questions, and people were visiting in and out all day.

On the last night, they had dancing in the streets ... literally! The floor of the tent was dirt, so that wasn't comfortable for dancing. they moved it to the street, right in front of our house! Wish we could have that everywhere we go!
Here's a picture copied from their newsletter: look close and you can see me at the very right in front of our banner.

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Jan Mains said...

What a beautiful location. I hope your schedule isn't as busy as most rallies and you'll have time to enjoy the beach.