Friday, January 27, 2017

Jim and Jimmy go diving

I'm a member of the 80/80 club based on the principle that I love to scuba dive, but only when the water temperature is at least 80, AND the air temperature is also 80.

Jim is not a member of said club. He'll go diving any time.

His longtime dive buddy, Jimmy, is also not a member. So when Jimmy comes down to visit us from New jersey, in January, they go diving. Here they are sometime in 1983-84 as part of the Mobby Lobster club in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I think the club was supposed to be the Moby Lobster club, but someone made a typo! Check out those huge lobsters! The story that Jimmy tells is that he -Jimmy- caught every one of these lobsters! What a guy, letting his friends hold 'em.
Left to Right: Mike Robinson, Bob Gale, Jimmy Lyon, Bob Hires, Don Southwick, Jim Guld
The water temp is in the mid to low 70s this time of year. The air temp has varied from 55 to 80. And the weather has generally been gorgeous. In the 10 days he was here, they went diving 5 days, 2 dives each day. 3 times with South Florida Diving Headquarters and twice with ScubaTyme.

All totaled, they caught 16 lobster.
I ate 2! We invited Jo Ellen to join us for dinner as well. Jo Ellen was Jim's wife at the time that old photo was taken. Jim often retells the story of calling her to say, "I caught dinner. Get out the BIG pot!"
Now he cooks them on the grill.

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