Thursday, January 12, 2017

Love to Learn, Love to Teach

Abby Stokes from AskAbbyStokes,com
We live streamed episode 105 of our what does this button do show this week. We had Abby Stokes join us from her home in Connecticut while we were in our home studio in Ft Lauderdale. Our topic was how to teach technology to your newbie friends and family. Abby gave us her ten tips for teaching.
We've had Abby on as our guest before and she's a pro. 
The show went well, no technical glitches at all! A couple of viewers left comments that they really enjoyed this topic. I was glad to hear that because I thought it might have been a bit too touchy-feely for our audience. We usually are more technical and how-to in our show. We do a lot of demo. This show was more talking and discussion about how people learn, therefore how to teach them.

I sure enjoyed it. Abby is a kindred spirit, a soul sister! With her on the show I think I was more relaxed than normal. It's surprisingly hard to "just be yourself" when you're on camera and you have an audience you can't see, but with episode 105, and Abby's help, I think I'm getting there. Probably also because it was a topic that really comes from the core of my being! I've been teaching technology to newbies since 1983. Let's see, 2017-1983=34 years. Yikes.
Here's a picture of me in my computer training center at our 10 year anniversary.

I'm so glad we're doing these shows. We love an audience. For the last 12 years we've been getting big audiences at RV rallies but I don't see us doing that forever. The show allows us to stay in front of our audience, from the comfort off our home or rv. AND it gives us reason to continue learning this stuff.

Jim loves it too, but for different reasons! He gets to buy lots of tech toys for the studio. Lights, cameras, microphones, computers. He actually started his geekdom as the A/V guy in high school. Cameras, and broadcasting to the local TV station was what turned him on then, and it still turns him on now!

It just so happens that, the day we web-cast this show was also his birthday! So after we ended the broadcast, we drank our traditional glass of champagne, then I took Jim out to dinner.  We went to Las Pampas Grill in Fort Lauderdale and loved it.

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