Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Grand Tetons - a Rendezvous

Next stop is Grand Tetons National Park. These elegant, majestic mountains have brought tears to my eyes. We've also been here before once for each RV!
But,both of the other times were just passing thru.This time we arranged a rendezvous with my oldest friend. I mean, friend I've had for the longest time ... we're both old! Lanz and I went to Jr. High together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we've stayed in contact over the years. He now lives in California and loves to travel - usually overseas. When he asked where would be a good place to take a trip in the US, I said we would be in Wyoming in July/August and had some time. Yes! He and Blake would love to visit Yellowstone and Tetons, so he booked a trip and we arranged to meet them in Jackson. He made arrangements for a river rafting trip for a day and we went along. Cool! Jim and I rarely splurge for such things. Actually, we usually just don't think of it. We're on the road to work, and it's just how we live. We don't have the tourist frame of mind. 

We started the day by going up the mountains in a Tram.  Then came the river trip. We saw several moose during the day.

After Lanz and Blake left to go back home, we checked our maps and found a Winery nearby! What a delightful place. We just sat and watched the horses and the beautiful view as we drank some wonderful wine.

This view still brings tears to my eyes ... these mountains are so beautiful.

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